Brief Effect Columbus on America

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In the education systems of many schools, Christopher Columbus is portrayed to students as a hero. His few "heroic" qualities have acted as a facade hiding his evil side throughout the history of America. Although Columbus is known for discovering America and beginning the Age of Exploration, he, in reality an horrendous man who allowed horrific atrocities against the innocent Native Americans. Today, Christopher Columbus is seen as a great man and an important person in America's history. Columbus is viewed upon as a hero mainly because of his famous voyage. Columbus believed that if someone sailed west, this person would arrive in India quicker and with fewer obstacles, thus giving a better trade route to the Spanish. After many restless weeks, Columbus and his crew arrived in the Caribbean, which they had thought was India. People believe that from this voyage, Columbus was the one who discovered America, and is also seen as a great man who tried to do nothing but good for his country. He is viewed upon as a hero by Americans for these reasons, and has even received a day dedicated to him. He is also credited for beginning the colonization of America, which he indisputably deserves recognition for. However, when one looks into colonization more, he or she can realize that it was not that good of an era due to the problems faced against the Native Americans, which will be mentioned later. When Columbus arrived in the west, he brought many items from the east that introduced a negative side of cultural diffusion. These "new" items provided a "culture shock" to the natives and many did not know how to deal with the changes. An example of this is when certain diseases were carried along on the ships that the Europeans were immune to, but were new to the natives. Many natives perished from these diseases, which were sometimes as small as types of influenza.
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