Negative and Positive Effects of Video Games

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Urvashi Dutt Playing Video Games have a positive or a negative effect on you? It can be both! Often folks have a problem with their children playing video games, as they consider it as good-­‐for-­‐nothing, but that is not completely true. Video Games do benefit children in making them sharp, for example: some Video Games help children in taking instant decisions while some help in teaching them how good always wins over evil, at the same time some help them in understanding values for relationships, money, assets, etc. On the other hand and as always known, with positivity comes some negativity, not all Video Games help in the enhancement and grooming of a child. Some Video Games do force a child to become more violent when played in a younger age but this effect fades as the child grows, an incident with a friend happened where he used to play video games of Spiderman when he was 5 and one fine day he reaches the top his cupboard and jumps off thinking that the webs would come out and he would be safe which

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