The Effects That Video Game Violence Has on Young Children

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People in America have many views when it comes to the effects video games have on children. A lot of people think that violent games are not healthy and serve as a wasteful source of entertainment. There are so many negative opinions concerning violent video games. Critics say, “violent games are a pretty poison for society, fancy blood and fireworks with no redeeming value. They say that video games take innocent young children and taint them with images of fiery destruction.” Video games are one of the hottest media sellers on today’s market, but how do they affect our children? “There is a game called, “Carmageddon”, whoever is playing the game must run over people, including senior citizens. If they beat the game, he or she will have killed over 35,000 people. Violence in video games has been a serious issue in the last several years. Parents are beginning to become more concerned about whether or not these types of games might cause their children to become aggressive. Violence in video games makes children more aggressive and hostile; in addition, “video game violence makes children desensitized to violence, which can lead to violence at school and home” (Barnes 1). Games that are packed with violence shouldn’t be introduced at all to young children. Children do not completely understand the difference between fantasy land and real life. Children who are older may be able to understand the difference between fantasy and reality a little better, therefore older children should be able to play games at a parents discretion. Some experts say,” kids are attracted to video games not so much by the violence, but because the games present puzzles or problems to solve (Sherry 1). The media and many other angry parents like to find a source to blame such as video games. Although video games are very entertaining and becoming more of a virtual reality the truth

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