Gerard Jones's Essay 'Violent Media Is Good For Kids'

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Luis Gonzalez Mr. Segura English 1301.056 16 October 2013 Violence, a kid’s new toy Gerard Jones wrote an interesting essay titled “Violent Media Is Good for Kids” which is a contradiction to today’s view on violence. Jones is a veteran writer of comics, cartoons, and screenplays. He wrote numerous of well-known comic books, including Batman, Spider-man, Ultraforce, Justice League, and Pokémon. During his childhood his parents did not allow him to interact with pop-culture and violence. He soon was exposed to violent comic books which helped him break through the barrier of passivity and loneliness. Jones essay provides limited evidence that violent media and pop-culture can help kids manage their rage, due to his focus on personal experience.…show more content…
He did not know how to deal with his fear and rage when his parents did not allow him to interact with pop culture and violent media. However, when he was exposed to Marvel Comics starting from the incredible Hulk; he was able to explore violence, express his rage internally in his fantasy, and overcome fear and rage. From this he soon became an action movie and comic book writer. Through this he was able to observe how violent stories helped people in many ways. He tested his theory whit his son when the boy was afraid to climb a tree. His test was successful with the help of old Tarzan comics he inspired his son to not fear. He soon came across pop psychologists insisting that violent stories are harmful for kids. He partnered with Melanie Moore, “a psychologist who works with urban teens; together they found that even the trashiest pop culture can have its own developmental function” (231). It finishes with successful stories where violent media was a tool utilized to help kids deal and control their rage and

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