Violent Media Is Good For Kids Gerard Jones Analysis

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In Gerard Jones’ article “Violent Media is Good for Kids”, Jones identifies the ability to use violence in media sources as an outlet for children’s aggression by relating his own personal story with research on his opinion of the subject. Jones targets an audience that believes in the idea that children need a healthy channel for their anger. He quotes Melanie Moore, Ph.D., a teen psychologist who believes that, “children need violent entertainment in order to explore the inescapable feelings that they’ve been taught to deny, and to reintegrate those feelings into a more whole, more complex, more resilient selfhood” (Jones 59). Although Jones addresses the fact that the violence in entertainment is most definitely not harmless and has very…show more content…
In “Controversial Study Suggests Seeing Gun Violence Promotes It”, Holden writes about a study of Chicago adolescents that has “concluded that even a single exposure to firearm violence doubles the chance that a young person will later engage in violent behavior” (Holden). The experiment takes place over a 5-year period, where researchers do extensive research on adolescents’ lives, backgrounds, personal behaviors, etc. and record levels of contact with violence in real life situations after exposure to violent media entertainment. The experiment revealed that adolescents who were exposed to gun violence were in danger of violent behavior. Researchers confirmed that “it didn’t take repeated exposures—“the vast majority” of subjects reported only one” instance of exposure to gun violence (Holden). Psychologist Jeanne Brooks-Gunn of Columbia University even went as far as stating “a single exposure might have a profound effect, even on a hitherto nonviolent individual” (Holden). However, Holden addresses the doubts of the study of some knowledgeable scholars. There are concerns that the study does not accurately demonstrate that the violence in media provokes nonviolent adolescents to become violent, but rather reveals a relationship between subjects who “already had some violence risk factors” and violent behavior. All in all, Holden identifies that undeniable fact that there is a relationship when children are exposed to violence in media—whether or not it is as significant as shown in the study is to be measured with more subjects and more accurate

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