Native American Diary

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After doing some research about the book I have come to realize that many people seem to enjoy the absolute true diary of a part time Indian which is something I don’t really understand. I mean great a Native American boy getting a better life, now that’s the full picture and is no doubt well written and poetic but unfortunately not everyone in all honesty cares! My opinion on Native Americans is that they are lazy, rude, and incompetent. They have the ability to go to school for free get a good carrier, become successful, start a family, etc. After finding this out I realized that they choose to drink themselves into oblivion, and spend the government’s welfare on alcohol and drugs teaching their children this is what they should do. In this book Native Americans are made to look like they didn’t choose this life but in reality they did I mean look at junior he decided that he this wasn’t…show more content…
Seriously the unnecessary use of those words to an extensive amount, I could almost guarantee you that there was a swear word on every page. Another point is the sexual content in this book I find is extremely inappropriate for our age group. I may not of had to read it out loud but I was defiantly not fair to the students uncomfortable with it, I can n barley see people kiss without feeling like I’m invading their privacy. So all in all I did not appreciate those scenes and would recommend not be in our reading criteria. This book is actually banned from some schools in the United States. In finish if I had the choice of not reading it I wouldn’t, 1) it is inappropriate, rude disrespectful. 2) A flaw about me is if it doesn’t really interest me or it doesn’t affect me I don’t care to read or learn because after this I will forget about and never pay attention to it again. One day it might change but this boo had no affect on me nor did it change my perspective on first nation’s

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