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Bad Books are good? There are several lessons that the new readers always get from reading some kinds of books. In his essay, “On Writing,” author Stephen King illustrates his different opinion from reading the books: “Every book you pick up has its own lesson or lessons, and quite often the bad books have more to teach than the good ones” (367). The author believes that reading bad books can take some positive points for the growing writer after he reads a lot of kinds of different books. That issue is the result why he thought like that kind of strange. In fact, the reader got some knowledge from reading good books, not bad books. Once time, the author read the book that was composed by Mr. Leinster who is a science fiction writer. After finishing reading one of the books that was about “Asteroid miners”, he learned many things from it. He made his mind up that it was a bad book. He realized to that quality of composing the books of Mr. Leinster. First of all, he noticed that Mr. Leinster used the word “Zestful” too frequency. He also considered that “Zestful” is not an appropriated word to use in a novel or a story. Therefore, he won’t do that in his writing because it may decrease the reader’s attention. Second of all, he concluded that he wasn’t appreciated the end of the book. He said, “The plot developments were outlandish”. According to that, it expressed him to avoid ending the story like that. Furthermore, there is the encouragement for him to write a better book: “I can do better that this. Hell, I am doing better that this!”(368). A previous quotation means that if you are a budding writer and read a bad book. You would definitely think about the way to improve it. Your attitude will urge you to write a better book. On the other hand, if you read the book that was very graceful. You admired that author and feel that can’t do like that. This

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