Why James and the Giant Peach Was Banned

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Banned and Challenged Books: James and the Giant Peach Books are banned and challenged for a various amount of reasons. There could be abuse I n the book, jokes about physical characteristics, racism, mysticism, profanity, drugs and it might promote disobedience. But the main three reasons for banning or challenging books are, it might be sexually explicit, it may contain offensive language, or it could be unsuited to a specific age group. Parents are usually the ones who ban or challenge books. Usually to keep children from certain ideas and/or information. (About Banned and Challenged Books.) You might be wondering, “What are banned and challenged books?” Well, challenged books are books with attempts to be removed or restricted. Like if a parent tried to ban a book but the request did not get followed up or backed up. The parent might have thought the book was bad but others did not so it just stayed at challenged. While banned books is when the attempt is followed up. This is the removal of the book. So when whoever tried to ban the book got others to agree with them and the banning fell-through. (About Banned and Challenged Books.) James and the Giant Peach is one of the many books that has been banned. James and the Giant Peach is about as boy, James, who is a happy boy living with his parents. Until, his parents are killed in a tragic rhino attack he is then sent to live with his cruel aunts. Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. He was treated very badly with no friends. One day he got some magic and next thing he knew there grew a giant peach. Then he got in the peach to come and meet five friends; ladybug, grasshopper, centipede, and worm. He goes on many adventures with his new friends. (Dahl, Ronald. James and the Giant Peach) This book does not seem like the kind of book that one would ban. But believe it or not it was banned for tons of reasons. It was

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