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Nairobi: a City That Has Rich And Poor Essay

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Below is an essay on "Nairobi: a City That Has Rich And Poor" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Nairobi: a city that has rich and poor

Nairobi is Kenya's capital city. It has modern buildings, phone shops, big malls and animal parks.
        The buildings in Nairobi are ‘very modern,’ they are metallic and have skyscrapers. The houses are white so they’d reflect off the sun. The rich people in the city would have electricity, ‘clean’ running water and some sort of security (i.e. fences, alarms or security guards.)
          The city has a C.B.D (central business district.) just like any other city. The rich people can also have bright orange roofs. This would be made by the local clay. They   live in huge detached mansions, with giant pools and servants- but you have to have the servants because if you don’t want them and you get rid of their job then they have no way of making money and they would go back to the slums.
        In the wealthy area people have ‘as they would say’ the rights towards the good things in life. They get all the medicines and foods .etc. their zone is positioned far out of sight from all the slums and rubbish dumps. They would go around showing off their brand new ‘very’ expensive Mercedes cars spending lots of money on clothes and exotic foods which is paid for by their posh jobs.
          The middle class residents are positioned in-between the slums and the rich. Not the best place to be but you know, not the worst. Nairobi is split into three zones.
    • The wealthy
    • The middle class
    • And the poor people (slums)
The slums are based around airports, train stations and all the factories.
So it’s not in the view of the rich residents.
            Nairobi can be compared to London, England. It has expensive, huge houses for the rich and famous. They have big business building, skyscrapers and big malls and shopping centres. It is also split into zones. It has a wealth zone, middle class and an area for the poor (but luckily NOTHING like the slums in Nairobi.) The poor people live with gangs and a lot of...

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