Koreatown Essay

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The city I decided to research is Koreatown. Koreatown is located in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. It has a high concentration of Korean Americans and is known for its commercial and historic buildings. It is also famous for its mid and high-rise towers. The commercial businesses are mostly Asian high fashion boutiques, nightclubs, 24 hour businesses, and restaurants. History Koreatown is located along Wilshire Boulevard. In 1800, this area saw its first settlement. Then in 1888, Henry Gaylord Wilshire bought many lots in the area after the real estate market crashed. The street was named after Wilshire when he agreed to let the city build a street across from his property. In the 1920s, many hotels and high-rise buildings modeled after New York buildings were erected and the area saw a massive increase in its population. Many movie stars and people of high social economic status occupied the area due to its proximity to Hollywood and the new exclusive real estate. During the 1930s, the area’s popularity grew because many movie stars were moving to the new district. Wilshire Boulevard became better known for movie star spotting than Hollywood Boulevard. In the 1950s, many businesses from the Downtown area began moving to the newly erected high-rise buildings of the Mid-Wilshire district. Just as the Wilshire area saw many high points; it also faced some low points. In the late 1950s, the construction of new freeways began. The businesses that had moved here at the beginning of the decade were forced to relocate due to the construction. This then led to a decline in real estate prices and population as well. However, this did not last long. The low real estate prices began attracting Korean immigrants. This was the beginnings of the establishment of a Korean community. In 1965, the United States lifted its restriction on immigration from East Asia that
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