Summary: The Green Acres Divide

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The Green Acres Divide Deanea Sessions COM/155 August 15, 2014 Sarah Hinton The Green Acres Divide While the comparing lifestyles and environment of a smaller country town neighborhood and that of a larger big city neighborhood, I found the differences remind me of the sitcom “Green Acres.” Although the two seem worlds apart, the divide between them, takes only a short drive to connect one to the other. The similarities and differences can be either advantages or disadvantages, depending on the needs and desires of you and your family. Each neighborhood shares similarities in its basic town structure. There is a courthouse, city hall, post office, churches and a library set in the middle square of town. The buildings on the streets…show more content…
although for the most of its residents, the biggest advantage is convenience of living, working, shopping in the same area. An example is living in the city, where your home is closer to the workplace, a shopping center on the way makes saving time and fuel easy. The advantage for the business-minded, looking to expand business, can find a real estate agent to locate property, a banker to finance it, contractor to build, even a great restaurant to wine and dine potential clients all in the same block downtown. For many parents that have busy professional careers outside the home, the advantage of being closer to work affords them more time to spend with the family, and less time on the road. Children are also closer to schools, parks, friends and soccer practice. Another advantage of the bigger city is the growing economy has a better job market with higher paying professional positions available. Young adults often choose to live in apartments, that are close to colleges, work, and to nightlife and entertainment catering to their interest, are all in walking distance. You will also find high-end specialty shops that cater to the wealthier spenders, and business professionals. The growing economy makes the cost of living more expensive, the overpriced houses are closer together, so you have very little yard to keep up with. The larger city also has faster internet and cable television. There are many disadvantages to living in the big city neighborhood. The economy has inflated property values and taxes, adding the cost of living. The crime rate is very high, putting you and your family at greater risk of being the victim of a crime or violence. Cars and homes can easy targets for theft, making security and alarms a necessity. There are homeless people living under the highway bridges, because the
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