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Myth Of Icarus Essay

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  • on May 3, 2012
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The myth of Icarus is a fascinating Greek story. The myth is about Daedalus and Icarus, father and son. Daedalus is and architectural genius, his work and ingenuity is recognized by the king Minos. The king wishes to design a building that will be able to contain the mythical monster Minotaur. Daedalus is hired to create and build this edifice he does and creates a maze like interior that cannot be figured out. The king decides that it would be a good idea to put his enemies in the maze so they will be killed by the Minotaur. The King finds out that Daedalus helped come up with idea to give Theseus a string that will help him escape, and becomes enraged. He sentences Daedalus and his son Icarus to be put into the maze.
Using he genius Daedalus comes up with a plan to escape. He figures that they cannot escape on foot or by sea. He invents wings of wax and teaches his son how to fly. He explains that it is very important that Icarus not fly to close to the sun as the heat will damage the wings. They escape and are the first to defy the laws of gravity. Icarus was easily excited by flying. Against the warning by his father he flew high to the sun, the heat damaged his wings and he fell to the ocean where he drowned.
The poem “Icarus” by John Updike is a modern poem about ones fear of flying, more specifically the fear of dying by the hand of a terrorist. Our character is a passenger who finds that he sitting next to a Middle Eastern man. His mind begins to make assumptions. The man is sweaty, he is praying, and he has a briefcase. In the imagination of our passenger this man is a terrorist who’s briefcase is a bomb and he is sweating and praying, knowing that he is about to blow himself up. To make things worse a conversation is started and the man gives vague answers that are misconstrued “smooth flight so far?” “so far” as if it will end.   Our passenger calms down when he sees the Middle Eastern man sleeping, he realizes that this man was...

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