How Did 9/11 Affect America

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9/11 2001 affected Americans because it was is the most tragic day in American history. Members of Al Qaudea, hijacked American Air Line’s airplanes, and crashed them into many buildings such as the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and were possibly going toward the White House. September 11 showed America that we’re not invincible and we need to expect the unexpected, to prepare for the future, and to be ready for anything. Also, fire fighters lost their lives do to the terrorist attack by saving others. Finally, it helped Americans come together and realize that every person in America was affected by the attack. To begin with, the leader of Al Qaudea, Osama Bin Laden, sent terrorists to bomb the Twin Towers to try and tear our nation apart, but all he did was make us closer and even more powerful. He sent his people to take flying lessons in Florida in order to fly the plane into the towers and the Pentagon. Their plan was to bomb the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and White House, but they failed to complete their mission. Instead they only succeeded in the Twin Tower destruction, because the Pentagon was still standing, and the last plane crashed in a field in Pensylvannia. The North Tower was hit first then the South Tower, but the South Tower fell first. The Pentagon was hit in the side and was only damaged in a small portion of it, and although, the White House was supposed to be attacked it was lucky that the passengers fought back and took the plane down along with their lives. Initially, Osama Bin Laden was not successful in destroying America’s economy or any part of it. In addition, the bombing actually helped the United States realize that we are very vulnerable to terrorist attacks and now we must prepare for more Random Acts of Violence. Through out the years, the United States thought that nothing can happen to us and that we are very safe, secure, and

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