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Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice CJUS399-1401B-01 Professor Russ Pomrenke IP 1 Michael Davidson Due date 2/25/14 Between the years of 1991-2001 the U.S. has witnessed a few terrorist attacks that have lead on to the largest attack known to this day as September 11th. During the timeframe chosen (1991-2001) there were warning signs that occurred and should have set in motion improved counter-terrorism policies. However, it did not occur. One may say because of the arrogance of government officials’ mentality of being “untouchable” we were vulnerable and left open for attacks. Because of the underestimation and lapse of judgment of the U.S. government officials, we were attacked by a force to reckon with, Al-Qaeda. The timeframe…show more content…
(, 2008) The World Trade Center’s parking garage located in Manhattan, NYC has exploded with a manmade bomb. The attack turned out to be something of a deadly dress rehearsal for 9/11…Al Qaeda would later return… (, 2008). The U.S. was violated by a terrorist attack from those comparable to Al-Qaeda. According to a few radical Islamic fundamentalists were arrested, convicted and sentenced to life by a federal jury for their role in the bombing. One may say this incident alone foretells the following acts to follow. has an article titled Terror Hits Home: The Oklahoma City Bombing which details an American terrorist. An American terrorist! On April 19, 1995 an explosion occurred in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This brazen terrorist act was committed by an American born, ex-Army soldier named Timothy McVeigh. One may say you would have to be an absolute madman to commit such a heinous crime against your own country. Some individuals usually leave their country if they can’t find it bearable to live within; but not McVeigh. He decides to bring harm and death against his fellow countrymen. The government did the right thing with the decision to execute him. Now, the government still didn’t meet higher requirements concerning prevention and/or intervention regarding terrorism on U.S.…show more content…
embassies in East Africa bombed. The website explains that a dual terrorist attack occurred at U.S. Embassies both in Kenya and Tanzania on August 7, 1998 by Al-Qaeda. It continues to explain that the U.S. accused a Saudi exile terrorist leader named Osama bin Laden; President Bill Clinton ordered cruise missiles to destroy known training camps and plants that produced chemical weapons by Osama with the hopes of killing him and/or derail operations of Al-Qaeda. One may say it shouldn’t take this incident to increase tactics regarding terrorism; it should have been tackled from the first incident of 1993. More should have been done between the President, CIA, FBI and other appropriate anti-terrorism officials regarding this group and/or its leader. Some may say that the President himself was aware of Osama’s direct dwelling, but because it was a suspected site and not a validated site he withheld attacking. “…the Clinton administration knew the broad outlines in 1996 of bin Laden's capabilities and his intent, and unfortunately, almost nothing was done about it." (Lichtblau, 2005) This gave space for another attack from Al-Qaeda. On October 12, 2000 the USS Cole was attacked by suicide terrorist of Al Qaeda killing American sailors and injuring others. Again, this should have placed more efforts from all parties regarding prevention of terrorist attacks, but it didn’t

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