First Red Scare Essay

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The year 1919 was referred to as the year of "Savage Peace" by some. Although the Great War (World War I) had ended, there were many problems that surrounded the year. One of the problems that occurred during 1919, was The Rise of Communism, and the first red scare as discussed in Section 2.7 in our text. Unlike what many think today the first real scare as far as Communism goes dates back to the World War I era. V.I Lenin was the first communist leader who emerged after the Russian Revolution, when the newly developed Soviet Union was formed. According to the text "Communism espouses the abolishment of classes with all property being controlled by the government".Lenin got the ideas for communism from the German philosopher Karl Marx. With Lenin's plan, Communism collectivized and industrialized the nation.…show more content…
Lenin's plan caused much fear in the American people, and became more heightened when radical political activist felt this cause. So this caused the "first red scare" and this would be the first stage for a communist take over. These "activist" were called anarchist and were out to destroy the American government by violence. This resulted in a wave of terroristic violence in 1919, using bombs meant to hurt people near by and to cause fear throughout America itself. The anarchist used the Postal System to send over 20 bombs which were to explode upon opening, however the authorities discovered these bombs before they could detinate, and cause any harm. The government was devastated however because the bombs were being sent to prominent business owners and politicians. One such bomb exploded on the doorstep of the U.S Attorney
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