Examples Of Cunning In The Odyssey

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Odysseus’s is very intelligent. Throughout The Odyssey we see the type of person Odysseus and many other characters are. In the Odyssey, Odysseus’s cunning is a virtue. He isn’t the only person who is very intelligent and clever. His wife Penelope, Nausicaa and Athena are also cunning in the Odyssey. From the beginning of the Odyssey till the end, cunning is what helps Odysseus come home. His cunning is certainly a virtue. There are many examples of Odysseus’s cunning in the Odyssey. His intelligence was the reason for victory in the Trojan War, tricking the Cyclops and getting revenge from the suitors During the Trojan War, Odysseus ordered for a wooden horse to be built so soldiers can hide inside of it. Him and his men hid inside and ended up attacking the people in Troy which gave them victory. This shows that Odysseus’s cunning is a virtue because without him the Greeks wouldn’t have won the Trojan War. Now onto tricking the Cyclops, Odysseus and his men came upon a cave with food not knowing it was the Cyclops. Odysseus knew he couldn’t physically defeat the Cyclops so he used his intelligence to defeat him. So, Odysseus got he Cyclops drunk the next day and started conversing, when the Cyclops asked Odysseus of his name he says his name is “nobody”, when the Cyclops fells because of intoxication…show more content…
He found a few people who were still loyal to him but majority of the suitors were very arrogant. After all of this, he finally revealed himself as Odysseus and kills them all. This is defiantly an example of Odysseus’s intelligence being a good thing because these men took advantage of his house and wife. They were disrespectful and eating up all the food from his house. The fact Odysseus first disguised himself as a beggar so he can see who was loyal to him and who wasn’t was really clever, because this gave him an idea of who to kill and who not to

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