Mystic Monk Coffee Essay

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1. Father Daniel Mary has established a plan and direction to grow the Carmelite monks of Wyoming. Father Daniel Mary and his small brotherhood of 13 monks live in a small house that is used for the rectory, he has his eyes set on a 500 acre property with three different buildings and an ideal spot for his monastery that would include accommodation for 30 monks, a gothic church, a convent for Carmelite nuns and a retreat center for lay visitors. The vision for the Mystic Monk Coffee is to expand its operations by buying a new brewer that would produce more coffee, increasing the customer based by reaching out to more catholic churches and corporate sponsors and getting support from more of the outside world to generate sales and ultimately purchase the Irma Lake ranch. The mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming is to live a peaceful secluded life working, worshipping and living within their means. However, Father Daniel Mary has a vision to improve their lifestyle and living conditions and their coffee business. 2. Yes. Father Daniel Mary has a clear financial path to achieve his goal of owning and moving his monastery to Irma Lake Ranch. For the Wyoming Carmelites the sale of coffee should provide the means to finance this project, however, there has to be strategic plans in place to increase the production of coffee (such as more laborers and bigger equipment with the capacity to produce more.) to generate sales (to tap into new markets and increase market shares) and finally to minimize cost of production. (Using less expensive suppliers and lessen operational costs overall). 3. Father Daniel Mary strategy is to use the business, Mystic Monk Coffee to realize his goal of purchasing Irma Lake Ranch. The business has a competitive advantage with the variety of flavors they offer, not many coffee shops, even the coffee giants offer the popular flavors

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