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Mystic Monk Coffee What recommendation would I make to father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and exciting strategy for the monastery’s coffee operations? I would suggest to Father Daniel Mary to use more out sources to produce Mystic Monks coffee. As of today, Mystic Monk coffee is being primarily produced by Brother Elias also known as Brother Java. The monks primary focus is spiritual. They spend eight plus hours in prayer and worshiping, leaving Brother Java six hours per day to produce and market enough Mystic Monk Coffee. The net profit Mystic Monk Coffee is producing today is not producing enough to make a target market of one million dollars per year. If Mystic Monk coffee is going to be father Daniel Mary’s primary source of raising money for the new monastery, six hours per day by one man would not be enough. With the other monks doing their daily jobs in the convent it leaves Brother Java the only one to putting in six hours per day. This is not enough man hours for the company to produce and market enough coffee to meet the target. By using out sources Father Daniel Mary would be able to get more man hours to produce, market, and distribute enough of Mystic Monk Coffee to meet a target market of one million dollars per year. I would also suggest that Father Daniel Mary start up a foundation for a building fund, this would help raise more money for the new monastery. As most churches set up a building fund to help raise money to build new churches, Father Daniel Mary can set up a foundation for the Carmelite monks monastery. The Carmelite’s were started by a foundation, it is more likely that this foundation would contribute a great deal to helping father Daniel Mary with building the new monastery. I would recommend Mystic Monk coffee to offer more to the customers than t-shirt gift cards, CD’s, and coffee mugs they have more than 69

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