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Myers-Briggs Assessment Review Gabrielle Brown PSCY101_D16 Professor Peters May 7, 2010 Myers-Briggs Assessment Review After taking the Myers-Briggs assessment, I learned that I have a personality type INTJ (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging). The details of my results showed that I am moderately expressed introvert, slightly expressed intuitive personality, slightly expressed thinking personality, and distinctively expressed judging personality. At first glance I was confused as to what this meant, but after reading the information provided in the links at the end of the assessment I was in awe of how accurate the assessment really was. Even with the results seeming correct I could not help but question the fact that it could be wrong or that it might need improvement. I felt that the assessment was correcting in saying that I was an INTJ personality type based on the links that were provided after answering the yes and no questions. In one of the articles, Marina Margaret Heiss made the statement, “INTJs know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don't know”. (2009) This statement alone really hit home with me. I began to think about how when I am dealing with the young students of the youth group I am willing to help only when I know how to deal with the problem, and when I don’t I turn them to someone else who is more likely to understand and know how to address the issue. In another article, written by Dr. David Keirsey he refers to people with the INTJ personality type “Masterminds”. (2012) I felt like the reason he refers to the INTJ person this way is because of the way they have to plan, and are prepared for any change that might take place. There was just so much to these two articles that reflected who I am as a person. As I mentioned before I questioned the accuracy of the Myers-Briggs personality
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