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My Wedding Day Nothing beats the excitement of preparing and organizing for a woman’s big day, her wedding day; the day couples make a lifetime commitment to their relationship. To some women, weddings are just a one-day event. But in my case, when I had my wedding, there were three special events all combined in one day: the pre-wedding craze, the church ceremony and the evening celebration. At seven am, the door to my bedroom whips open, the lights get flicked on and my sister shouts "IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY!”. Honestly excitement didn't overly consume me at that point, my nice warm duvet that I was cuddled up with seemed like a much better option. I didn’t get much sleep the night before but I woke up feeling energized and totally relaxed. The morning was wonderful. I ate breakfast with the girls and then started the process of preparing for the BIG event. I started with my make up and the artist did an awesome job. Then we moved to the hair, I had mentioned after my hair trial that I wouldn’t be able to wear my tiara, so I had brought some decorative bobby pins. At first, we did not see an issue wearing them with the hairstyle I had. However, putting them in was another ball game. Those suckers just wouldn’t go in, and when they did my hair was much too fine to keep them in; we were stuck. So my hairdresser pulled out my tiara that she had tucked away and was going to sell for me. She placed it on the back of my head and said "Let me try something.” She had placed the tiara back in and two of my bridesmaids stood there with fists full of bobby pins trying to stick one by one to my head and it worked! When my hair dresser put on my veil I began to cry. I was so happy and it hit me at that point in time that it was my wedding day. The whole morning just flew by and before we knew it I was getting into my dress. I was getting very emotional from then onwards. After

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