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The Quinceanera In the Hispanic culture, the Quinceanera is about as important as it gets. When a young woman turns the age of fifteen, a party is thrown in her honor to celebrate her becoming a responsible adult. From the time the girl is born, parents save and plan for this special occasion. A Quinceanera is much like the American “sweet sixteen”, but when compared to American culture, the Quinceanera is most like a wedding. From the cake, to the dress, to learning how to dance, both weddings and Quinceaneras take a long time to prepare. Most of the preparations are done where the family puts forth the money while friends organize and coordinate the party. Each celebration has a number of participants also known as the damas or bridesmaids. This court of people is there to help and support their friends through this oncoming journey. The cake, usually great in size and color, is topped by a figure of the person whom is being celebrated. With many tiers, they cut and eat the first piece of cake. Both a quinceanera and a wedding dress are traditionally to be found as a white ball gown. The difference is that a wedding dress has a trail while the Quinceanera dress does not. “The dress of the Quinceanera makes her appear to float as if an angel upon a cloud.” (bellaonline) The actual ceremony of a Quinceanera consists of the giving of gifts bought by her family, such as a tiara, a ring, a bracelet, earrings, a bible, and a rosary. “They show your acceptance by God, the church, and those in the church as being a woman.” (quinceanerainfo) Each present symbolizes a meaning. The tiara represents the becoming of a woman. The bracelet represents the never-ending circle of life. Having the main ceremony normally in a church, the reception is where the fun begins. Knowing how to dance is dire for a Quinceanera, so most either hire a choreographer or take a class. There

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