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Everyone has that one place where they feel most comfortable, that place where you feel right at home, where you are most happy. For me that place, my community, is the basketball court. Although my love for the game far exceeds my ability to play, basketball is my passion. Basketball fits my character, being that I am a competitive athlete and basketball is my favorite sport. Playing basketball always puts a smile on my face; it is something that will never bore me. When I am playing basketball it is the only thing I focus on; the court is where I go to release any stress and clear my mind. Ever since I can remember I have loved basketball. As a kid and even now I would sit around where there was a garbage can or anything I could use as a hoop, and crumple paper throwing it in the can as practice. I love everything about the game: the sound of the net after a swish, crossing your opponent and finishing it with the pretty layup, the good feeling after making that three pointer, dribbling down the court, and just knowing the crowd is there to cheer you on; it all makes me happy. Even writing about the topic of basketball is exciting. Watching the game is also enjoyable, learning the many different techniques and methods you can use to trick or cross your opponent. Everyone has their own style in the game and I think it is exciting to watch. Being around other basketball players is where I feel at home. Shooting around with my team or just friends in general is something I always look forward to. The court is what I would call my community, the time spent with other players and the love we all share for this particular game is why I consider it my community. We can play for hours at a time. We have all faced our difficult moments on and off the court, but it is when we are all together working hard for that win I am most proud. You may ask why I

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