My Ode to Life

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Alleyah Smith Ode to Clothes We see you everyday! We use you everyday! We talk about you while meeting with our friends and relatives! We think about you everyday, whether intending to, going to work, park, cinema and no matter how strong an extent of your addiction is, the only thing is you do exist! A lot of us made you an aim of our life! Many people do worship you and feel themselves on the top of the world because of this worshiping! You can be a profession, an addiction, keenness, a lifestyle, a hobby! You make us look glam and sheik or turn us into outmoded and vulgar creatures! You change our outlook and our attitude to ourselves! We wear you and we adore you, but we definitely can’t ignore you. You come in all types of styles: punk, glam, rock, classy, casual, dressy and more. Each year there is something new that becomes trendy. You’re a necessity of everyday life, but you also give us a great way to express ourselves. Everyone goes crazy over you, your one of the reasons why malls exist. We sell you, we buy you, and we even make you ourselves. A lot of us ignore you and considers the first group as a community of idiots, who are ready to waste their time and money! Lots of people don’t pay attention to you, but… … life without you is grey, dull, uninteresting and boring! So, nobody can deny how important you are! Clothes are essential to life!

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