My Multi-Cultural Experience: Red Earth Day

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My Multi-Cultural Experience: Red Earth Day PSY/400 July 30, 2011 My Multi-Cultural Experience The multicultural experience is based in exposure and immersion in cultural concepts not “normal” to an individual. This concept may seem foreign to most but it is something we experience on a fairly regular basis. The opportunities for immersion in another culture can be found around most every corner here in America as the melting pot of the world accepts more and more people. Everything from dining experiences to shopping gives an individual the opportunity to experience the cultures of the world. Here in Oklahoma we have a rather unique opportunity to experience any number of cultures on just about any given day as the state is a nice mix of many cultures and ethnicities. One of the most amazing experiences one can have here in the heartland can be found during Oklahoma’s own Red Earth Festival. This festival highlights the Native American culture that permeates the fabric of Midwestern life. This past June I and my family were able to experience the Red Earth Festival for the first time. Upon arrival at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City your senses are brought to life by the sight of amazing colors and rich art, the smells of smoked food, and the sounds of drums that sound as though they will summon the past to present day. There were over 1200 Native American dancers and artist in attendance at this year’s festival giving us a once in a lifetime chance at learning so very much in such a short span of time. We made our way around the vast center sampling the goods and food available, viewing the many art forms in all their glory, listening to the story tellers, and watching in utter awe at the dancers as they told a story with their very moments. Each tribe wore traditional dress and danced the traditional dances

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