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A three story white house with three towering white columns that stretch from the porch to the bottom of the third story is located on Lundy road in Sylvester, Georgia. The porch on this house is massive, wrapping from the sun room on the east side of the house completely around to the west side. The steps leading to the porch are red brick, and they are wide and seven steps tall. The house itself is exquisite but what really makes this house the showcase it is are the gardens surrounding the house. There are fountains and statues set in flower beds with winding brick pathways throughout them on the east side of the house. On the west side there is an old well and an old tenant house. Being such a ravishing place, this is where many attendees of the Worth County homecoming dance come to take pictures. Lundy Road on the day of the homecoming is crowded. There are over 40 cars parked on each side of the road and down the road perpendicular to the house. Parents and students begin arriving to take their pictures at the house as early as 1:00 and start leaving as late as 6:00. Over one hundred people come to take pictures at what most people call the McDonald house. It is called this because of its present owners, Myron and June McDonald. They are proud that so many people and young adults find their historical 1900’s plantation home so beautiful. Charles Harrington Strangward was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 21, 1881, and moved to Sylvester, Georgia in January of 1903, as the manager of the Indiana Fruit Company. He started building this lovely farm home on the north side of Sylvester and finished it in 1904. During the same year, on August 16th, Mr. Strangward married Miss Nanny Carter of Sylvester. They quickly became involved in many events and organizations such as the County Board of Education, Kiwanis, Pinson Memorial United Methodist Church, and the

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