Circus Oz Essay

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In today’s competitive world, the event industry must have dedicated employees who are committed to making an event successful in order to ensure its longevity. A successful event within the industry is Circus Oz, which is a major, live circus performance that displays a unique style of circus entertainment, and is popular for people of all ages, and has rapidly become one of the world’s most popular family entertainment events. Circus Oz is not part of the MICE industry, however it has been held in Sydney and Melbourne every year since it emerged in 1978, as well as in 25 other countries around the world, which makes it a significant international event. The founding members of Circus Oz loved the skills and tricks of traditional circus but wanted to make a new sort of show that a contemporary audience could relate to, adding elements of rock and roll, popular theatre and satire. The highly skilled performers of Circus Oz provide entertainment through exciting acrobatic displays, aerial stunts, clowning, a ringmaster, a magician, dancing, humorous impersonations, and juggling. The circus also features animals and a live band for another element of entertainment to engage the audience. Tourism has become a trend in Circus Oz, as it continues at the forefront of international contemporary circus. The amount of countries it has been performed in and the praise it has received from critics enhances the attraction for tourists visiting Australia. Whether they have seen the performance or not, it does not matter, because every performance is different and so there are always new dimensions for people to enjoy, which helps the tourism industry immensely. There are protocol rules within Circus Oz including allocated seating arrangements, which are organised before the performance starts in order to ensure all patrons have a seat which fulfils their needs during the
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