My Life Dream Plan

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Brishuna Collier English 0099 Mrs. M. Perry-Stewart 28 August, 2009 My Life Dream Plan Remember when you we’re little and you always had this dream of becoming a princess, or firefighter, or super hero, but eventually it all fades away. But when you get older these new set of dreams for life start kicking in and you realize that you are not a child anymore, and you have new plans and goals. Then you start to really think about how you can work towards your dream and new plans for your life. By planning steps, setting goals, and setting some accomplishments to reach. Planning steps to success is applying for college and getting accepted and staying focus and working hard. Being at the top of my class and earning every degree that college have to offer for Physical Therapy. Planning ahead and think about the future and setting a positive example for all my peers to come. Also becoming financally able and stable for my life. Setting goals is easy but hard to follow because my goal is having my own business of pratice. Becoming the best phyiscal therapist in the world and graduating at the top of my class. Making my parents proud by being better than they were. Because I want to show my parents that I accomplish my dream. Becoming a leader and setting positive example for my children letting them know they can do anything that they put their minds to. Finally my accomplishment to reach are becoming successful and well-known all over the world. I want to be one of the most highly recommended thearpist ever. Not letting anyone or anything get me down because I believe in myself. So I feel that if you stick with your dreaam you can accomplish anything. The dream for my life is no longer going to be a dream it is now becoming a reality. Because making my first step towards my dream began with myself going to

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