My Honest-to-God Best Friend Essay

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Meagan Holt Mrs. Carpenter Writing 101 9/30/13 My Honest-To-God Best Friend ! For a second I realized how much I worried about how this friendship might turn out. I sat with a different girl on the bus, a girl my friend didn’t even like. My friend, Reba, was angry with me because this was not the first time I had done this, nor the second. When I moved back to talk to Reba, she stormed off angry saying something along the lines of, “I am not even sure if I am your friend any more.” While we managed to overcome that misunderstanding in the fifth grade and haven’t had a fight like that since, I still worry about our friendship. ! I remember the first day I met Reba. It was in the fourth grade, Mrs. Rundell’s class. Reba walked in the door about 30 minutes before we went to lunch. Then Mrs. Rundell said, “Class this is Reba Paulman, she moved here from New York and will be joining our class.” I eyed her curiously, unknowing that she would soon become my best friend. For some reason, I instantly wanted to make this girl my friend. ! She was seated right in front of our teacher in the front of the room, first row, first desk. After she sat down, Reba peered down her row of classmates cautiously, where I who was watching her every move, waved back frantically. She quickly pulled back, proving to be shy and timid (a fact in which I was not wrong.) As we lined up for lunch, Reba slowly got up and went to the back the line. I rushed up to her and said “Hi. My name is Meagan.” Since then we have always been the best of friends. ! In middle school, we faced another dilemma. My friend was taken away from me. She didn’t die, but, it was almost like she had. The State had taken her from her parents and placed her in a foster home in an entirely different place. I hadn’t noticed that his had changed me in someways. I read alone on the bus, I didn’t go to dances, I did

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