My First Day at Clinicals

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1) Introduction a. Background – I am a surgical tech student and just starting clinical b. Thesis – after months of preparing the day finally came and so did the emotions of excitement nervousness, and achievement 1. Months Prior (TS 1) c. Clinical classes (PS 1) i. Learning many new Instruments (SS 1) ii. Different scrubbing techniques (SS 2) iii. Patient care (SS 3) 2. Morning of (TS 2) d. Drive In (PS 1) iv. Nerves are making me sick (SS 1) v. Would I screw up (SS 2) vi. What If I can’t handle it (SS 3) e. First step into the operating room (PS 2) vii. Friendly staff (SS 1) viii. Using my knowledge (SS 2) ix. Scrubbing in by myself (SS 3) 3. That evening (TS 3) f. Feeling better about my choice (PS 1) x. Relieved the first day is over (SS 1) xi. Knowing I will succeed in the field (SS 2) xii. So much more to learn (SS 3) xiii. Grateful I get a chance to start over (SS 4) 4. Conclusion Narrative/descriptive essay My first day of clinicals Introduction: Starting over can be hard and I recently had to learn to adjust to it. I was laid off from a clerical job after 6 years of working there. I had to make a big decision. I was a 32 year old single woman with no children when this happened and I felt like starting over was not an option. It might be easier trying to find a desk job but always wondered if another layoff would be inevitable. So did I want to look for a new job, or go back to school? This was a very tough decision that I felt I would never be able to make. So after a few weeks of being uncertain I made the decision to change the field of occupation I was in. So I took the first step and contacted West Virginia Northern Community College and picked up a
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