My Brother Sam Is Dead

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My Brother Sam is Dead How would you feel if your only brother was killed in a war by his own people? Well, this happened to Tim Meeker in the book My Brother Sam is Dead by James Collier and Christopher Collier. This book is very interesting because it helps Tim and his parents find out how much they love their son Sam. This takes place mostly in Redding, Connecticut, but a little takes place in Verplanks Point, New York. One reason this book is very appealing is because it is set in Connecticut. It is set during the time of the Revolutionary War. It was back when many people were going without food because of the war. This took place during the winter months. It was basically always snowing and it was bitterly cold. This was a terrible time to have a war. This book is also very cool because the characters are always very daring. Tim is probably the most important character, but Sam has a very big role. Tim is a very good kid, he is always trying to help someone. On the other hand, Sam is a more self centered guy. He is worse than Tim because he disobeys his parents a lot. Mr. Meeker is a very stern man. Mrs. Meeker is very sweet and nice. Some of the minor characters are Betsy Read, Ned, Captain Betts, and Jerry Sanford. The minor characters did not play a big role. One of the major problems in the story is that the Revolutionary War is going on. So, this makes Sam decide that he wants to fight for the Rebels. This action causes another problem, that is Sam needs a gun to fight with. After he comes home from Yale where he has been going to college, he steals his father’s Brown Bess. He runs away with the gun. Finally, Tim and his father go to Verplanks Point to sell cattle and get supplies for their tavern. On the way home Mr. Meeker gets captured

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