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Muhamed Polovina September 27, 2009 Period 5 Questions for My Brother Sam is Dead Chapter 1: The Lobsterbacks are another name for the British (redcoats). They just lost to the “Minutemen” in Massachusetts, and they were marched out of Boston upon being surprised attacked at Concord. Sam has been off at Yale for the past year. Yale is one of the colleges in New Haven, Connecticut. Tim was looking forward to Sam’s stories about his experiences at college, his stories about how he got drunk with his friends and all the pretty girls he met. Tim was especially interested in Sam's “Telling Points.” What Sam usually does after a fight with his father is run away. The most common…show more content…
Tim hates it when his brother does this, and wants him to help him out. Also Sam whines about the broken basket, which annoys Tim. Sam reveals to Tim that he really came home for the Brown Bess (Life’s gun) to go to war at Wethersfield. The Brown Bess was the type of gun that many of the people had in Connecticut. It was brown, and got it's name from Queen Elizabeth, whose nickname was Bess. So therefore since they used that type of gun a lot during her time, it was named the Brown Bess. The gun was very important to Tim's dad. Life thinks it is pointless for young men to go to war and fight over their “freedom” which he defines, as only being able to “mock your King”, and “shoot your neighbor.” Life has seen through the eyes of war, and has seen his friends die, with their guts spread out all over themselves. Life carried the body of his friend in a sack to the boys mother, and he describes it as being a very depressing time in his life. He especially would not bear to see Sam turn up dead, tied up in a sack. Life's overall point of view about young men going to war, is that young men should stay away from…show more content…
Now Tim is once again confused by the fact that Betsy kept asking him; “Do you want Sam to get killed?”. I think Tim never really thought about that, and now all of a sudden, he gets that thought, and is also asked to choose whose side hes on. Either his father's side, or Sam's side. If I were Tim, I would be mixed up and confused just as well. Chapter 3 Some of Tim’s chores are having to cut a lot of wood, having to get a lot of water, when there’s not much to do he has to scrub the floor and wash the window. His chores are different from most boys because most boys spend there time running the farm by doing things like plowing, hoeing and milking the cows. The activities that Jerry and Tim do together are swim in the millstream or climb trees up in the woodlot when it was hot. They would also play mumble-the-peg, spin tops, or ducks on the rock. This is different then what I do today to relax because I would watch T.V, or play basketball or soccer. Tim had to communicate secretly with Betsy so that she can tell him that Sam was coming to

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