How to Train Your Dragon Relationships

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How to Train Your Dragon DreamWorks Animation brought together a compelling story of a friendship that changed two worlds. The story is set in a Viking village where killing a dragon is everything. Plot How To Train Your Dragon is set in a village where dragons are hated and killed. Hiccup, the son of the chief, Steward, tries to become like a normal Viking but his conflicted feelings and his physical limitations refrain him from doing so. Instead he befriends and trains a dragon. Hiccup helps Toothless, (the dragon), as he feels responsible for him. This responsibility leads to a strong friendship where they trust, help, love, respect and support each other. Their forbidden friendship leads to a war between the tyrannical ruler of the dragons and the Vikings. Characters Hiccup Hiccup is a clever, sophisticated boy in the story. He is resilient and persistent even though he is teased but the other kids and scoffed at by the adults, thus made into a social. Hiccup, just wants to be a brave Viking like his dad. Hiccup is also loyal and is responsible for his actions, after he has done them. Hiccups, trusts, supports and respects Toothless. Hiccup to his father however, is not as open because his father does not listen to him. He respects and loves his father but his father does not respect Hiccup, even though he loves his son. Toothless Toothless is a curious dragon but also suspicious. He need their trust and builds it one step at a time. Once they are friends, his is very loyal to them. Toothless communicates with facial expressions and body language because they need to work together if they are to both fly. Toothless is also very tolerant of Hiccup, as Hiccup is slow in learning. Steward (Hiccup’s father) Steward is the Viking chief of the village and he feels disappointed that his son is very different from “normal” Vikings. Steward is a

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