Mulberry and Peach Evaluation of the Character Shen Chia Kang

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In the story Mulberry and Peach Nieh created this character of Chia Kang to assist in the reader’s understanding of the state of China at the time. Nieh foreshadows his loss of power through his compromising state, subservient actions, and his words are not acknowledged. Chia Kang is a man who feels like he is being emasculated throughout this second chapter, in order to feel in power and importance, He forces himself, physically and verbally, on others to regain power that he feels he has lost. Nieh uses examples of actual events happening parallel to Chia Kang’s actions to represent his eminent loss of power Beijing, being under siege, is a symbol of Chia Kang’s masculinity waning, and the more the reader progresses into the chapter the closer the communists are from taking over Beijing and the less of a man Chia Kang views himself as, as the nationalists are losing the city. Chia Kang is a representation of the Nationalist party. The character of Chia Kang is introduced to the reader through the conversation regarding the city and its welfare. He then mocks Joy, and treats her harshly by pushing her aside(70). Joy is mentally challenged, yet Chia Kang enjoys this mockery because “ There is nothing else to do, there are soldiers and refugees everywhere”. He feels oppressed which leads to his cruel decision to mock Joy. This decision stemmed from his confined state, physically constricted by not only the city under siege, but also the Shen family grounds that he inherited after his father’s death. Not only is Chia Kang restricted to these physical features, his loyalty to his mother restricts his free will and power, which forebodes irrational judgment, as restrained creatures often lash out due to a deteriorating mental state. Chia Kang’s mother has a very high influence of him, even domination over him, and this is shown to the reader through
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