The Catcher In The Rye/ Igby Goes Down

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“The Catcher in the Rye” heightens the knowledge and appreciation of “Igby Goes Down” by providing an erudite commentary on the superficiality and cultural values of modern American culture. Through the exploration of aspects such as their cultural values, relationships, inner thoughts and the protagonists themselves ones appreciation of Burr Steers’ film “Igby Goes Down” may heighten to some extent or degree. The character of Holden and the cultural values he represents in captures the key components of Igby’s mindset. The anti-hypocrisy perspective Holden holds and his disrespect for adult society results in his alienation of society and in turn, his lack of clear directions. This “pretentious” nature of society is one that Holden will not conform to and this is the key idea is the relationship between the two protagonists. Using this knowledge, we can apply it to Igby and his views of the “face value” society he strives to escape. “I love the fact that the captain of the morality team invites his chick to the same party as his wife...Embrace your moral hypocrisy, D.H…” and “I'm going to California…3000 miles from fucking here.” Both quotes highlight Igby’s desire to escape a society in which superficiality rules supreme. This perspective held dearly to his heart effectively destroys his relationship with his family and surrounding friends. Holden explores the concept of relationships through the similar attitudes displayed towards popular society and his repulsion of their values. Holden is seen throughout the novel to have difficulty accepting people due to their pretentious nature and expresses this through the constant use of the word “phony.” “…very phony, Ivy League voices, one of those very tried, snobby voices” this quote by Holden displays his criticism of middle to upper class America. Holden’s relationship with his own parents is one that he deems
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