Mr. John Keating: A Revolutionary Mentor

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Inspirational, visionary, model―these words accurately describe Mr. John Keating, a man who teaches at Welton Academy, who is also nicknamed “O Captain, My Captain.” Mr. Keating is a positive influence on his students. He inspires them to speak and think for themselves, the meaning of the phrase, “Carpe Diem,” and the theme of non-conformity. A phrase used quite often, Mr. Keating teaches them the phrase, “Carpe Diem,” which means, “Seize the Day!” Puzzled at this expression at first, the students begin to learn the meaning of this simple but mighty phrase (Dead Poets Society). One of the students, Neil Perry pursues his dream of becoming an actor by auditioning for a play (Dead Poets Society). Always trying to please his, he takes a chance and auditions for a play. Fortunately, he gets the lead (Dead Poets Society). For once in his life, Neil is able to do what he loves and does not follow the path his parents have laid for him (Dead Poets Society). He feels as if he has been released from a cage after all those long years, and after being encouraged by Mr. Keating to follow his dreams, Neil is notably more optimistic in the movie after getting the lead (Dead Poets Society). Another example on how Mr. Keating has helped a student is demonstrated when Knox Overstreet kisses Kris, the girl of his dreams (Dead Poets Society). Always left speechless in her presence, he was shy around her and did not feel he was good enough for her (Dead Poets Society). Thinking her to be the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on, inspired and urged by Mr. Keating, he eventually musters up the courage to kiss her (Dead Poets Society). One of the most inspiring amazing occurrences is when Todd Anderson overcomes his shyness in class by reciting a poem he wrote (Dead Poets Society). Constantly shy and living in his brother’s shadow, before being a part of Mr. Keating’s class he

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