The Exceedingly Complex Character That Is Romeo

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The Exceedingly Complex Character That Is Romeo Romeo and Juliet,the tragedy by Shakespeare,is the story of two young lovers that are doomed from the start of their relationship due to their bad deceisions.The play takes place over a time span of less than one week. Within these few days, we are introduced to Romeo Montague.Romeo just like all Shakespearean heroes,is a flawed character with an enormous range of emotions. In the beginning of the story Romeo is described by his cousin Benvolio and his father Montague as being depressed and spending alot of time alone lately, though whats causing his depression is a mystery to them.Montague says that he often sees Romeo crying in the moring and that he stays in his room and "Shuts up his windows,locks fair daylight out,and makes himself an artificial night."(page 740)Montague then goes on to say that he and many others have asked Romeo whats troubleing him but they never get an answer from him.As you can see Romeo has spent alot of his time wallowing in his own sadness and has distanced himself from those he knows.Later when he is confronted by Benvolio he blurts out what has been troubling him.It turns out that he was depressed about being rejected by the fair Rosaline.He acknowledges his own pathetic behavior when he says "I have lost myself;I am not here;This is not Romeo,he's some other where."(page 743)Romeo reacted very poorly to being rejected by Rosaline.Even though he's not antisocial by nature something such as a rejection can send him into a bout of depression. After he meets and falls in love with Juliet Capulet at the costume part he changes back to the character his parents and friends have known.When he meets up with Benvolio and his friend Mercutico the day after the party he's happy and jokes around with them merrily.Mercutio happily surprised with this says "Now art thou
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