Romeo And Juliet Blame

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Who is to blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? The play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a romantic tragedy written by William Shakespeare, where the eponymous characters play a vital role in relation to their untimely death, thus can be blamed. In the addition to the protagonists, Friar Lawrence and the nurse indirectly contribute to the disastrous outcome, partly due to their lack of guidance to the young romantics. These four characters in the text are all held to be somewhat responsible for the disastrous occurrences that ultimately result in two suicides and 4 deaths. The play explores a short journey of “two star crossed lovers” who unite their two rivaling families through grief. Through the lack of foresight and thought, the nurse, Friar…show more content…
This is highlighted when the Friar succumbs to the desires of the young lovers, “you two shall not be alone, till holy church incorporate two in one”. By permitting the two to wed, Friar Lawrence’s intentions may have been good, but he ultimately contributes to their “doomed” romance by not informing Romeo and Juliet’s parents of their marriage. In contrast to the bliss of the marriage, Romeo is soon banished for murdering Tybalt, where Friar Lawrence remains ignorantly optimistic that he can somehow help the two young lovers remain together. Through this episode Friar Lawrence still strives for the young lovers happiness in hope that all will come together, but he fails to see the destructiveness of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, thus through lack of guidance can be held responsible for the continuance of their affair. This is further illustrated when Juliet is forced to marry Count Paris when Friar Lawrence presents her with an alternative, “I’ll give thee remedy”. Through The friar suggesting a substitute to Juliet’s fate, he doesn’t let her take responsibility for not telling her parents about her vows to Romeo hence he shows weak judgement and a deficit of thought. Friar Lawrence can be further held accountable for the suicide of Juliet, when at her discovery of Romeos suicide, he abandons her, “I dare no longer stay”. Through this action Friar Lawrence exhibits
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