Dead Poets Society

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Teachers have a big part of a student’s life while they grow up. In The Dead Poets Society Mr. Keating becomes the teacher who really changes the students’ lives. At Welton Academy, where the movie takes place, they value tradition and obedience and base their philosophy on four pillars: Tradition, Excellence, Honor and Discipline. Mr. Keating serves as a new teacher at the Academy. He attended Welton as a former honors student. Mr. Keating plays a huge role in Neil, Todd, Charlie and Knox’s lives. He uses unique methods to teach his students about different ideas like “Carpe Diem”. They hear about how Mr. Keating participated in a group called “The Dead Poets Society” which he says means more than just poetry. The boys try to reconvene the meetings as a time to just get away together. Mr. Keating influences their lives in ways that they would have never thought, with his different thoughts and views like Carpe Diem. The administration views the Pillars as extremely important, while the boys attending the school think otherwise. At the Welton Academy, they have four pillars that they strictly follow: Tradition, Excellence, Honor and Discipline. The administration views these as extremely important. For tradition, they believe that the boys should get taught strictly with religious views. Mr. Keating teaches very unlike those views. With excellence, they believe that everyone should succeed and follow things strictly. Mr. Keating believes everyone has excellence within them. The administration thinks that everyone at Welton must succeed. To have respect for teachers and the school itself describes Welton’s view of honor. If a teacher asks a question to a student, the student must answer truthfully. The last pillar includes discipline. They believe that everyone should respect the rules. The consequences of not following the rules include being hit with a
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