Beastly By Alex Flinn: A Poem Meaning

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Text Title: Beastly Author: Alex Flinn Kyle Kingsbury is a ninth-grade student who is every girl been dreaming of, A perfect, good-looking, rich, famous guy. He got everything he wanted. Kyle's shallow father, a famous news reporter, is ashamed of his son's new appearance. Until a witch cast a spell on him and turned into an ugly beast, In 2 years he needs to find a true love’s kiss to break the spell. When Kyle turned into an ugly beast, his girlfriend doesn’t know him and refuse to kiss him because of his ugly appearance. But an ordinary girl named Lindy loved Adrian not in his looks. A quote that support my theme “Well, I’m really happy that we’re together, of course. But I love you the way you were. Before. I thought Kyle Kingsbury
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