Mr. Earleywine: Book Review

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Annotated Bibliography Earleywine, Mitch. Understanding Marijuana. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. Print. In his book, Mr. Earleywine presents an entire chapter devoted to how smoking marijuana impacts thought, memory, and just the mind in general. Earleywine lists the acute effects of smoking marijuana and what functions of the mind are likely affected or unaffected as a result. Earleywine then goes into great detail about each of the listed functions of the mind and how marijuana does or does not affect each particular function. Earleywine also presents studies done using over each of the effects, and then draws conclusions based on all he wrote about. Finally, he presents some studies supporting a different viewpoint: marijuana smokers might have an advantage over non-users. I will use this source to provide background on what effects marijuana has on the brain and on the mind; I will also use it as evidence that smoking does not permanently damage the human brain. Grinspoon, Lester, et al. “Marijuana Use Is Not Usually Harmful.” Marijuana Opposing Viewpoints. Ed. Jamuna Carroll. Michigan: Greenhaven Press, 2006. 23-31. Print. There is a section in this book where two articles are placed back to back to represent an argument between the two. In each…show more content…
Stephen. “Effects on Mental and Motor Performance.” Marihuana and Health. Ed. Dr. Robert C. Peterson. Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1972. 215-218. Print. Dr. Szara presents studies in this section that support the idea that marijuana use negatively affects motor skills and memory. Szara also presents a study, however, where marijuana and alcohol were consumed together by the participants. Szara goes on to reveal the results of another study aimed at showing differences in performance between casual marijuana smokers and heavy marijuana smokers. I will use this to provide support for my hypothesis, and for more background on the effects of marijuana on the brain and
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