Mountain View Community Hospital Case Study

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Week 5 Individual Assignment: Mountain View Community Hospital Case Study DBM 502 Name School Mountain View Community Hospital Mountain View Community Hospital has incorporated a team of IT professionals that are currently working on their new system. The team is assessing the hospital’s current data, which includes: * Operational data * Clinical data * Financial data (Hoffer, Ramesh, & Toppi, 2011). The assimilation of the mentioned systems will be advantageous to Mountain View Community Hospital, its doctors, and all of the staff members. One system that can incorporate all of the above systems and be advantageous is an EMR system, also known as Electronic Medical Records systems. EMR systems link all the various sections within an organization and include all data found within those sections. The reason behind this decision is because all forms of data and information will be transitioned to become electronic versions. This would eradicate the dreaded doctor hand writing which can lead to major problems when deciphering prescriptions and instructions. The information received, via hand held device or data entry specialist will be automatically uploaded into a new database that will house all the information. Essentially, EMR systems provide more efficiency measures and provide a more productive work place Data Governance Data governance (DG) refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an enterprise. (Data governance (DG), 2014). There are various factors in to what is directed by data governance. A few of those factors include: * data quality * integration * management * data warehouses Before implementing data governance into the ERM system, Mountain View Community Hospital needs to employ specific professionals that have the ability to

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