GAH Quality, Ethical, And IT Controls

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Running Head: Module 5- GAH Quality, Ethical and IT Controls [STUDENT NAME] [INSTITUTION] [COURSE NAME] [DATE] Module 5- GAH Quality, Ethical and IT Controls With the major core components of the Golden Age Hospital complete as well as for the Community Center, it is time to focus on the other aspects that are found in a health care organization environment. These aspects include quality control and accreditation, ethical issues in regards to HIPAA, and an IT system. The health care organizations core organizational competencies and functions will be defined in order to set a goal for the health organization to achieve. Further, methods of controls will be implemented into the newly established organization…show more content…
It allows patients and medical administrators to smoothly monitor all processes in a clinical or hospital setting. The system also allows for the better management of a healthcare setting to deliver information and treatment at a more efficient and effective rate by making sure that all needs of the patient is fulfilled. In order to implement the electronic health records systems there are certain hardware specifications that need to be met for the appropriate and effective implementation of the system. Therefore, it is first required that on become familiar with the basic terms and functions that are related to the electronic hardware. It is first necessary that the workstations in which the EHR system will be integrated is properly assessed and maintained. The workstation is in reference to the hardware that holds everything that the physician or office staff employee will need to perform their specific jobs. This will include the use of a word processing system, practice management software, EHR software, fax software, scan software, and other programs…show more content…
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