New Horizon Medical Center Case Study

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Keller Graduate School of Management 2014 Implementation of eClinicalWorks at New Horizon Medical Center Project Prepared by: For: Professor Sally Mae Table of Content Abstract 3 Background 4 Discussion of business problem 4 4. High Level Solutions: 5 Customization 5 Long-term preservation and storage of records 5 Synchronization of records 6 Staff Training 6 5) Benefits of solving the problem 6 Improvement of quality and convenience of patient care 6 Increase of patient participation in their care 8 Improved Diagnostics and Patient Outcomes 8 Improved Care Coordination 9 Practice efficiencies and cost savings 10 Projected Cost for implementing eClinicalWorks: 11 6) Business/technical approach 14 Business process changes 15 Technology practices used to augment the solution 17 Conclusion and overall recommendations 17 High level implementation plan 18 Summary of project 18 References: 20 Appendix: 21 Abstract In this paper, we will discuss about the implementation of eClinicalWork in New Horizon Medical Center which will improve the management of the…show more content…
The office has developed a reputation for providing the neighborhood with impeccable medical care. The office staff is composed by 3 medical internists, 5 medical specialists, 3 nurses and 5 medical assistants, the billing and front desk. The daily flow of patients is approximately 35 patients, and it is customary that New horizon’s doctors refer the patients to specialized hospitals for diverse tests, as well as to other doctors, when needed. Those referrals create the need for a system that allows a safe sharing of information, which, if conducted properly would benefit patients and

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