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Healthcare facility planning Healthcare Facility Planning HCS/446 December 24, 2012 Wally Ornsteen Healthcare facility planning Today’s healthcare system is more complex and with all the advancements in technology organizations are faced with redesigning in order to provide the highest quality of care. Since the reductions in Medicare reimbursements for skilled nursing, and home health services hospitals are seeing an increase in impatient services (Hayward, 2007). Because of continuous rising health care cost health care organizations focused more on outpatient services in the past. With the increase utilization of inpatient care services hospitals and clinics are looking to reconfigure their facilities to use new technology and…show more content…
The facility uses a design called a procedural platform that places emergent response departments, including emergency, trauma, operating, surgical, and imaging units in close proximity to each other, which improves teamwork, cohesiveness, communication, and speed of access (McConnell, 2008). Patients rooms are 30 percent larger and nursing stations are closer to the patient’s rooms. The facility offers flat-screen T.V.’s, internet access, and family kitchens to make the hospital more comfortable for patients (Lourdes Health Systems, 2008). The 36,000 square feet medical clinic uses medical equipment that integrates with electronic charting, automated alert communication of critical patient’s vitals, and managed systems for pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies at the patient’s bedside (McConnell, 2008). Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center has invested in 28.5 million in technology that supports the expanded medical records system (McConnell, 2008). Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center provides full medical services to all individuals in need of care. The center offers occupational therapy, pediatric services, dental services, cancer services, home health care services, emergency services, diagnostic services, laboratory services, cardiac services, inpatient surgical services, rehabilitation services, psychiatric services, renal dialysis services, and outpatient services (McConnell, 2008). With the variety of health care services patients have the most advanced health care services all in one area. Our Lady of Lourdes continues to strive for improving their health care services and providing the highest quality of patient

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