Most Influential Person in My Life

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The Most Influential Person in My Life There are people who touch your life and are the catalyst for you to do great things. We credit them for our accomplishments and success. Sometimes that one person is the reason we truly live life. Sometimes that person, in life and in death, changes the course of everything. My kid sister, Rebecca, had an impact on my life that forever changed its course. She had a flamboyant, outgoing personality that was infectious. Her determination, free spirit and loving heart knew no bounds and were the framework for my outlook on life and my inspiration. Rebecca was seven years younger than me and a very energetic child. Her trademark naturally curly, blonde hair was a wild as her personality. She had a c'est la vie approach to life, evident as far back as two years old, that I believe helped her overcome many obstacles she faced. It was then that signs of neuromuscular issues appeared. Diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease by age nine she had already been through more tests, hospital stays and doctors than most of us see in a lifetime. Yet, the child who was told she would never walk a straight line or be able to run like an average person, went on to riding a bike, roller skating and even playing on her high school softball team. Her neurologist was so amazed that he wrote several articles in medical publications regarding her accomplishments. Frustration and self-pity were never a part of Rebecca’s make up. Most people did not know she fought to have steady hands or to prevent herself from tripping every moment of her life. She even endured some ridicule from kids at school. Being the big sister I felt compelled to fix things but she would have no part of it. She would just shrug it off and get back at them the most effective way she knew, make them laugh and befriend them. Since being a mother I have had this very

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