Most Important Causes of Ww1

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World war one has many causes, but it can be proved that three of them are of equal values. These three causes are Nationalism, Militarism, and alliances. The second round of Industrialization started in the nineteenth century and spread around the world, and later resulted in arms race. It all started in 1650 when the corporation was invented. People would invest in corporations to benefit from the profit that the corporation was making. They would pay for the corporation to build its product and take profit according to how many stocks they bought. When Thomas Newcomen came up with the idea of a steam engine, investors did their job an invested in it. When the steam engine was finally perfected, everywhere in the world people were using steam engines. So "during the 19th century, the society and economy were completely altered due to the many new inventions created"(Essay written by Haisam Daouk, Hayat Showail, Kristelle Manassian, and Shahnaz Maktabi). Also, population increased all over the world. The rate of Industrial growth in 1913 right before the World war one increased dramatically in UK, France, Germany, Russia, and Italy. These five countries(and Austria-Hungary) are the main countries of World War one. These events all lead to Militarism, a better economy and foreign trade, led to countries having more money to buy weapons. Population also meant more soldiers, and steel and iron production was transported easier due to trains and steam boats. By 1914, The triple alliance had more ships, 49 more warships and 125 more submarines (resources of the Great Powers in 1914). But the Triple Entente had more man power, 599000 thousand more. Germany tried to build a much stronger navy to show its power. Germany's naval building programs scared and threatened England and so it tried to increase its navy. This arms race made the two countries more and more
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