Moonlighter Case Study

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CASE STUDY of ‘The Moonlighter” I have read and understand Curtin Policies regarding academic integrity. This assignment has been submitted to Turnitin and has a minimum of 80% original material. 1. INTRODUCTION According to Lewis, business ethics is a topic that has received much attention in literature but due to its abstract nature, nearly all definitions available exist at highly theoretical levels (Lewis 1985, 377). Most people have the tendency to distrust corporations in the market and the larger the firm, the worse the problem of trust usually gets (Rushton 2002, 138). Highly visible business ethics issues influence the public’s attitudes toward business and can destroy trust. Ethical decisions are a part of everyday life for those who work in organisations (Ferrell, and Fraderich 2012, 25). As such, the ability for the corporation to maintain a good public image, retrain customer trust and succeed as a firm highly depends on their ability to comply with business ethics defined by the society and environment it is surrounded by. “The Moonlighter” by Bronwyn Fryer is an article consisting of several ethical dilemmas where problems can range from large to small and from personal to business for several individuals. The aim of this case study is to identify what the ethical issues are and comprehensively understand the ethical dimensions. 2. Ethical Perspectives It is essential for an individual to maintain ethical behaviour in their conducts of business especially in the modern professional environment. Therefore, in order to adhere to the high degrees of ethical standards and accountability, individuals must be ware of their own personal ethical perspective and have a clear comprehension of all four ethical perspectives. They assist in the process of identifying and defining problems, forcing individuals to think systematically why
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