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Henri Oung Date due: April 28th, 2009 Knowledge and Conspiracy Theories Date submitted: April 28th, 2009 Term paper: Moon-landing Word count: 1110 We always strive to achieve something. That achievement might be a dream or something even bigger. One of the dreams that Americans have is to actually get off the planet earth and see the outer universe. But one of the first things they wanted to accomplish is to actually land on the moon. It was first succeeded by the soviets in 1966, but the Americans did try to land a few years before that, but failed. Nevertheless, they did land on the moon, but some still think that nobody did actually landed on the moon. I will argue that…show more content…
One of the first things I will argue about is that even though many people believed that the landings on the moon was a hoax because technology back then, in the 70s, were not as advanced as today where we can have clear cut image easily. That being said, this is why there are still some who wants to make accusations because not enough proof were provided. This is where comes in the article called ’’Bad Astronomy’’ by Philip Plait who is an astronomer where he makes an analysis on many of the conspiracy theorists claims and provides them with descriptions that proves them wrong. For example, the conspiracy theorists claims that one should be able to see brighter stars when you are in outer space. In the one of the pictures provided by the NASA which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration who were also the ones that assigned the mission Apollo 11, no stars could be seen. But with common sense, one should see brighter stars when you are in outer space right? The authors explains that the conspiracy theorists are wrong.…show more content…
There’s a peer-reviewed article that contains many of these claims, but they also provide the origins and history on how people were even able to land on the moon. This article is called ‘’Apollo Moon Landing hoax accusations’’. What made people to make quick assumptions like that? Several medias reinforced the idea that we never actually landed on the moon. For example, the first book which was on this subject was made by Bill Kaysing who he himself published was called ‘’We never went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle’’. It was released in 1974 which was just after two Apollo missions were succeeded. This is one of the mass public medias that made people believed that it was an hoax. Another example which reinforced this idea is a film called Capricorn One. This movie is about a mission similar to the Apollo’s where several astronauts are ready to take off to space, but there was a problem with the rocket so they had to fake it to make the public believe. All this to make a few billion dollars. Of course, this is just a movie and does not necessarily means that it reflects reality…but what it reflects does make the Apollo missions seem like a hoax and it reinforces the idea even though it is just a film. As time goes on, many analysis were

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