Persuasive Essay On The Space Race

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The Space Race between the United States of America and Soviet Union during the Cold War was not only a race between two “nuclear” countries, but much more a contest between two geniuses: Wernher von Braun and Sergey Korolyov. We have heard different opinions about the winner of this race, but thanks to the BBC’s documentary the big picture became a lot clearer for me, although there are still some questions for me- which one of two geniuses would be the winner of the race and how people suffered because of paying taxes that went directly to “nowhere” ? After World War II, it became obvious that the world will be divided in two: capitalistic and communistic countries. Both sides, especially communists, desperately needed to show the people in their countries that their society system is better than the other one. The first selection would have been war, but as both (U.S and Soviets) had nuclear weapons, the risk for a global disaster was too big. Actually, at first the rocket science was supposed to invent rockets to carry nuclear weapons over continents not to travel into space . It was a war about convincing the society and as we know convincing needs proof. Space program was a great…show more content…
The Space Age began for the world's domination when the Soviets put Sputnik I, the first man made satellite, into a shallow Earth orbit. Sputnik carried a battery-operator radio transmitter that beeped as it circled the globe every 95 minutes. It was 1:0 to Korolyov, to Soviets. United States’ suggestion to place a satellite in orbit was actually made in 1954 by the U.S. Army. Although these ambitious plans failed, the United States joined the Soviets in space eventually on the 31st of January 1958. In few years, both countries sent 4 satellites to the orbit- Sputnik I-IV and Explorer
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