Moon Goddess Selene

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Moon goddess Selene was not the only moon goddess. There, up in the heaven, unknown by many stands a dark goddess, forgotten. Her story was heard by few but told by none, her story was only understand thoroughly by the mysticas, souls who initiated into the secret rites of the goddess. By now her existence was forgotten, by now her story was lost… Long long ago, when the world was young, Hecate, the dark moon goddesses helped mortals go through the darkest times, she, and moon goddess Selene was both the two moon goddesses people admired and worshiped the most. Now it was not long after that Selene and Hecate fought over who shall control the moon, and because they were wand raged. It was not long before they couldn’t take it anymore and asked sun god to tell his sisters to compromise and work things out. Feeling foolish by the way they carelessly fought, they look down to the planet Earth. In Selene’s eyes she saw poor mortals who went through dark endless nights without comfort from the moon. In Hecate’s eyes, she saw poor mortals who went through dark nights, frightened by not been able to see in the dark. She watched them letting moonless nights put down their hope. I need to teach them a lesson she thought and told Selene her idea. “Since I was always on an more mysterious, dark side, why don’t we take turns?” She asked Selene. “Look down there, they are all putted down by darkness, we need to teach them that you need to suffer in order to enjoy.” “But how?” Selene asked. “ We can create moon phrases. Starting with the dark moon, which means no moon and work our way to the full moon little by little and then work our way to dark moon again. That way the mortals can see that you need to go through dark in order to find light, you need to suffer despair, in order to find hope, you need to risk the thorns, in order to pick the rose. You can control all the
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